Can't use UC33e in Renoise 3.0 64bits

Hello renoise user !
I have a little problem…I can’t use my UC33e in Renoise 3 right now…I can’t see it in MIDI preferences but I know it was working A1 in 2.7 and I just tried in Live and it works like a charm !!!
Anyone have a little idea of why I can’t use it in 3.0 64bits if I cant I will go back to 2.7 where I am more comfortable…

Just be sure that your midi device was plugged in and well recognised by windows before renoise was started as it scans for midi device on startup. Other than this renoise should see any midi device as any other daw. If not, maybe you should try the Atari St port of renoise…

Everything is plugged in, I reinstall the drivers, and other daw live Live7 see it no problem !!!

Maybe the UC33e drivers are 32bit only. Is Live 64 or 32bit? Does it show up in the 32bit version of Renoise?