Capslock State Change Outside-Renoise Causes Havoc

Ok, I’ve often wondered exactly why this happens, but now I figured it out. (it’s on OSX)

Okay, I use Capslock to send a noteoff to Renoise Pattern Editor, when EditMode is On. All fine and good. If you then disable edit mode, this disabling of editmode will not spew forth another note-off.

However, if you’ve used capslock once to set a noteoff in Pattern Editor, and then cmd-tab away to, say a browser, and you notice that capslock is on, switch it off while outside Renoise - and then you go back to Renoise and toggle editmode=OFF. Does Renoise set editmode=off cleanly without checking capslock status? No. Does Renoise somehow check capslock status? Yes. What happens when Renoise notices that capslock state has changed? Well, it outputs a noteoff! Doesn’t care where your cursor is, it’ll just throw in a nice little note off. Does the noteoff overwrite a note that is under the cursor? Yes. Is it really annoying? Yes!!

I’ll try to illustrate this with a picture.

Both of these tracks used to be c-4===c-4===c-4===c-4=== c-4===. I used capslock to set the noteoff. Then cmd-tabbed elsewhere, switched capslock off, came back to Renoise and pressed F1 (toggle editmode on/off for me), and watched the destruction of track2’s first row note in abject horror.

Please tell me there’s something that can be done about this to stop me from accidentally overwriting stuff - something which does mean that I can cmd-tab between Renoise, a browser or Renoise + irc or Renoise + whatever and come back to Renoise without risking the appearance of an erraneous noteoff?

hahaha, you certainly know how to dramatize this :)

it seems like a bug to me though. never really had any luck with that CapsLock, which is why is changed my note-off to the ‘A’-button. but this is something that should be changed.

Well, if it was a feature, I’d have posted about it on the tips&tricks subforum. Instead I chose bug-subforum :)

Sounds really annoying, bugs like that can get on ones nerves even if it’s no biggie, but could it be an OS problem instead of a Renose problem maybe? I have never noticed anything like that in Windows.

That’s simply because when you have capslock on in Renoise, and switch to another application, the capslock sets itself off when you alt-tab away, and stays off when you alt-tab back to Renoise.