Captain Hastings

I had to get this rave thing out of my system. Amen + vocoders + chipmunk vocals + piano + howling wolves + some modern-sounding bits = sort of a rave/breakbeat track.

Hope you like it.

I was born in 92 and I love this sort of stuff. :D

Recently listened to lots of early rave compilation cd’s… Fucking dig the sound.

I don’t really listen to a lot of rave music or anything, but this was incredibly done.

Righteous track. It’s a nice blend of modern and classic. The six minutes just flew by.

Thank you for some very nice comments!

I almost feel guilty about making that track, because it was so easy to make. I erased a song I had, but kept the samples, instruments and tracks, and took it from there. It took me one Sunday afternoon/evening from I started until it was on Soundcloud.