Capture Instrument from LineIn Return

Hello Everybody,

Since I’m on Linux and there is no LV2 support yet, I’m right now trying to create some of my own Renoise instruments by auto capturing various stuff. However, I was wondering if it is possible to capture instruments from plugins only, or if there is a possibility to also capture instruments from the audio that returns into Renoise (after the renoise midi signal has been routed via Jack to the synth). I’d really like to create some instruments from e.g. Yoshimi or DrumGizmo, but recording it sample by sample and manually mapping the samples is a very tedious process. Has anybody done this before?


Funny, just had the same idea popping up today :)

I wonder, would this even be possible technically?

I naively tried using a “dummy” plugin that doesn’t produce any sound and then tried to capture samples from LineIn, but only empty samples were rendered. I think renoise captures the samples at the beginning of the dsp chain or even before the pre-mixer, so I guess there is no chance of this ever working?