Capture maybe trigger values

I’ve been using Renoise for a few months now. Recently I began to experiment with the maybe trigger effect. There’s one question though that soon came up experimenting: Is it possible to capture the midi data from the maybe trigger effect (and send it to another track)?

Using MIDI routing, you can send the notes to a different instrument in Renoise. And, using audio routing, this instrument can be playing in any track you want. Note that the receiving instrument will not be able to trigger a phrase itselfwhen triggered via MIDI routing.

Capturing/recording the notes as they are played requires a different approach. Unfortunately, this is a bit more tricky - you’d need to assign the instrument you want to capture to an external MIDI output, and then use something like a virtual MIDI cable to route the notes back into Renoise. You can pick a specific instrument/track as the receiver by heading into the MIDI Input options.

With virtual MIDI cable, you might have to tweak the latency to find a good setting. Also, pick the best drivers - WDM-based MIDI on Windows, for example… I think there’s a lot more information floating around about virtual MIDI cables on these forums, I tend to use loopMIDImyself.

All right. I got it working using the IAC driver in OSX.

Initially, I thought there may also be a way to route midi data inside Renoise that I overlooked. Anyway, thanks for the input!