Capture Nearest Insturument Button

How about putting capture nearest instrument to DSP’s linked instrument to DSP’s with linked instruments.

Very little but welcome gimmick would it be.

Likewise maybe put a button to LFO device for first clicking it and then clicking a DSP wanted linked to link the wanted DSP.

e: Stupid I am, of course it should capture the selected instrument as instrument wanted to be captured for linked instrument in DSP’s with linked instruments. Like VST automation device.

Also LFO device thingie could be almost replced by those little numbers in corners of DSP’s indicatin a place in DSP chain, would also help coding automation to pattern data.

The LFO device has some improvements in Renoise NE, but i’m not going to tell you exactly what.

Autocapturing instruments through a DSP device?
Are you linking metadevices to instruments that aren’t actually used in that track then?
Because autocapture nearest instrument should really cover capturing the instrument underneath or near your pattern cursor.


Capture instrument as DSP’s linked instrument like in VST Automation Device. Preferably when inserting DSP that require linked instrument the DSP would be linked with current instrument, and then also ability to link it to selected instrument with a button click. Not a big thing, but wold save some time and be much easier than current behaviour.