Capture / Retrospective MIDI Record

There’s one thing that I’m really, really missing from other DAWs and that’s the ability to not care about hitting record (I like to compose most of my music by recording live performance parts).

I’m not exactly sure how this would be implemented best in Renoise, but I’m thinking of a constantly recording buffer and the same way Ableton does it (Capture Notes)… Maybe others could chime in on exact implementation. I just wanted to throw this out there, as the one and only request I’d have for the next milestone of Renoise.

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This tool may be of use to you in the meantime. (No idea if it auto-updates correctly for Current version of Renoise when first installed)

This may be useful.

This script overrides the looping feature of the sequence editor. It will clone the loop sequence when a pattern in the loop is played and edit mode is on. The edit cursor must be set to follow the playback position. It’s useful to jam over a sequence. Just select the loop you want to record on, and your whole performance will be recorded. The tool can be enabled or disabled via the Tools menu or via keybinding.