Capturing VST windows when recording/streaming in OBS


How do I capture the VST windows when I’m recording/streaming Renoise in OBS? OBS doesn’t seem to capture the VST windows when I try to record them. I don’t want to use the dislay capture.

Any help?

I assume you capture Renoise. Have you set OBS to capture window? If so, only the window you have set will be captured. Try capture area instead, everything inside that area will then be captured. Just my tought.

edit: Ah. Sorry. Display capture is what I have used. Just adjusted it to show the part I want.



Curious to know how the programs mentioned above deal with recording audio at the same time as recording the screen. Can you do this with asio drivers? I’ve experienced conflicts with my soundcards asio drivers in camtasia before, them being locked to one program; either to renoise or camtasia, not both at the same time.

For the audio, I used reastream to route the audio into OBS itself. I forgot the video I found the trick from, but searching that on YouTube should show you the one.

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