Carla 2 VST not working on Windows?

Hi there.

I have been trying to use Carla v2.3.0 VST on Renoise for windows (on Windows 10) but it seems it is not detecting it correctly. Instead of showing the different list of carla plugins in the list, it shows just the shell file (it uses a shell vst file system, similar to Waves plugins). If I try to load it it just crashes Renoise.

It shows and loads fine in any other DAW or VST host I have tried (for instance, Kushview Element or Waveform 9 and 11.5).

Carla by the way is a very interesting and useful open source plugin host with both rack and modular functionality. So it could be a really useful “addon” to use in combination with Renoise.

The thing is I have been reading here in the forum about people talking in relation to it working through wine in the linux version of Renoise.

So I would like to know if this is something that is not working only for me or is it something that needs to be fixed in Renoise for windows ?

Thank you very much.