Cartoon Classic

Hey, long time no see.

My fellow students and me have to produce videos for a subject here. One of our videos is a 3D-animation with music.
It’s called ‘Spurjagd’ which is a German word and it means ‘trace chase’ or ‘trace hunt’.

You can watch the video here. (7.2MB)
You can download the video here. (16.7 MB, thanks to my friend fate for hosting it)
You can download the RNS here. (6.8 MB)

I’d love to read some comments here!

Have a good day! :)

edit: just added some more info

ah yeah, the famous skaven tune. did you really ask him for the samples ?

and I like the whole thing, animation and sound go well together, the only thing I dont like was the not-so-big-bang at the end … somehow I thought something smashier would come.

but I guess it was an exercise for some minor degree, so its all good. :D

(and you get your email today, I promise)


NICE!! I really liked it.

Some small feedback things.

The snow falling in the starts falls quite calm but there seams to be quite strong wind pulling away the leaf.

I can imagine another version of it being done as snowballs that starts off maybe as snow falling from a tree and then starting to rolling down a hill and as they roll they also bounce and grow then they finally fall off a cliff and lands on top of eachother to become a snowman with maybe a hat flying in and landing on the head.

That wasn’t the famous skaven tune, only inspired.
His samples were not that good.

But all in all very nice work a really cool shortmovie! The music was really nice to!

very nice music Gilli!

next time, however, don’t forget to use the volume column ;)

yeah, i like the music too… impressive!!

The ending made me laugh, well done overall! :)

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankkkkkssssssss everyone!!!
Thank you soooo much!! That’s a happy day :)

Looza: Yes, I asked him. Why not? ;)

dj io, trackit & the khin: You guys rock! Thanks a lot!

Your video idea sounds really great with the snowballs! We just had to do a compromise between the time we had, the rendering time, the time we’d need for the whole thing and all :) Btw, lookout for Skavens “The Goblin Returns”. That’s where I got the quality samples from.

You’re sooo right about the volume column. Well, I was too lazy to do the creszendo on each channel and so… Sorry for the unclean master volume usage :)

Too cool. :)

Thankies hcys :)