Cartoon Network

So this track is based around the sign off the sign off from Adult Swim to Cartoon Network that used to come on when in my early youth,

So basically, I’m working on an album, where all of the songs themes are based around stuff i used to watch, it could be commercials, theme songs, bumpers, etc. This is the first track to that album, i was planning to do it all on one renoise XRNI file, but now I’m splitting them up into different files.

here’s the xrni for this song :!.xrns/file

This is a pretty long track, so my main concern is if track is interesting enough to justify the run time, so if you have think so, or don’t think so, feel free to let me know.

So any feedback whether it be mixing, composition, or a specific section, feel free to drop it in the comments, and most importantly, thank you for taking the time to give it a listen, i appreciate it.

I hope you enjoy