Casio Wk-1800 Keyboard Work With Renoise?

I have a Casio WK-1800 Keyboard from a couple years ago, and it really is great for anyone looking for some decent quality sound and tons of features. But before I go buying the chords I’ll need to connect this casio to my sound card, I was hoping someone could confirm for me that this keyboard will work when making vst and midi calls in renoise, or even something like cubase for that matter (I got a cubase cd with my sound card, ofcourse, not the full version ;)) . I tried doing some research into this but just got even more confused…something about midi formats returning 0’s or 1’s???


Sure, this keyboard appears to have a MIDI out so as long as you have a MIDI cable, and someplace connected to your computer to plug it in you will be able to control some things in Renoise using your casio, and conversely, you will be able to make Renoise play-back some stuff directly on your keyboard.

Same thing with Cubase or any other sequencer software.

Thanx for the reply. I picked up the chords and it works great. Something I noticed though is my sustain pedal does not produce the same effect has holding down my keys. It’s like it simply sustains the audio output, not the midi call. So for example, using a piano synth the recording sounds very stochatic (that’s a word isn’t it?). Just wondering if keyboards actually designed for midi input have sustain pedals that would hold the midi call for a period of time, and in that case I guess i’m just SOL.


That is because the sustain pedal does not hold the note-offs, instead it sends a sustain pedal MIDI message. Then how the instrument (be it a MIDI synth or VSTi) handles the pedal message is up to each instrument/patch. I’m not sure how samples in Renoise are affected by sustain pedal though…