Cassetteboy David Cameron Masterpiece

I’ve hated this prick since day one so this gives me immense joy aswell as speaking the truth

Wow, are those all original vocal clips? Impressive sampling / cutnpaste work!

What tool do you suppose they used for this? I’d go with Ableton Live, it’s just got this creamy delicious intuitive workflow when it comes to re-arranging samples and matching it to a rhythm. Too bad I can’t really afford Ableton :frowning: Or I’d use it a lot more. Wait I just remembered, my Novation Launchkey MIDI keyboard came with a license for some “lite” version of Ableton, that I never tried but probably does the cutnpasting + beatmatching just fine. Ok the other reason is that I don’t like booting to Windows :slight_smile:

Another thing I wonder about, some of these pasted-together bits flow really well, including the intonation of the words, which is usually a problem when making people say different things using creative sampling. Anyone got some ideas on how they achieved this? My ideas:

  1. Cameron is using a pretty staccato and relatively monotone voice when giving these speeches.

  2. I guess they have a lot of source material to work from, and since it’s UK, probably all of it is available as subtitles transcripts, making it easier to search for different intonations of the same words (text editor, ctrl-F).

  3. And, this is the bit I wonder about, it’s much possible to use subtle pitch-shifts to make intonation in a sentence sound a lot better. But this requires a lot of skill. Do you suppose they went to those lengths? And if not, are you aware of any music producers that did? (cause I’m curious how well this would work)

Nice, this will always be my favorite I think:

Cassetteboy are awesome. But mad props to Emergency Broadcast Network for doing something similar with (mostly) analogue equipment in the 1990s.

And this one, from the Tonight Show, is fantastic: