Casual Friday (Renoise with hardware synths)

First post. Salutations to the developers and forum staff.

I’m new to Renoise and haven’t used a tracker in over ten years. Prior to that I had a lot of experience with ModPlug, GoatTracker and Psycle. I was half of this act:

For a long time now I’ve been making hardware-only music, but I’ve come to miss the intricacy of sequencing on a screen. I’m having a blast with Renoise so far and just finished my first tune:

It’s something of a hybrid of turn-of-the-century mod-style drum twiddling and MIDI-sequenced hardware (synths listed in the Soundcloud description). Style-wise, I have a feeling I subconsiously ‘borrowed’ some elements from a groovy1980s SID demosong but I can’t put my finger on which.

Anyway, hopefully I can contribute to this forum beyond self-promotion. eg, I’ve experienced some confusing behaviour when entering notes so I’ll have a look around for the appropriate subforum when I know exactly how to replicate it.


That Korg Odyssey lead sounds really good. Not really a fan of the sound of the bassline, but everything else is cool.

Thanks for listening Sam. Appreciated.

Yeah the Monotribe bass sound is a bit of a mess and the kickdrum sound I sampled from the Odyssey is unfittingly brutal. The whole track is really just the product of me messing around while learning how to use Renoise - I was pleased enough with the result to share it but I don’t really intend to do much more in that style.

I’m in love with the Odyssey! It was a Xmas gift to myself and it’s by far the best synth I’ve ever owned.

Thanks again Sam.

Cool jam! I dig it… the Odyssey sounds like it makes some killer drums! Definitely one that’s on my wishlist

Thanks Bad Mind - it has a neat drive circuit, plus you can route the headphone out back into the audio input for extra drive… which I think you would appreciate!!

Interesting work. You squeeze funny sounds from you hardware: glugs and cracks, sharp and soft and buzzing. The electronic symphony of current, oscillator and the like. All sounds very vivid and dimensional. You’ve got cool and original sound after mixing, too. Keep on squeezing!