Cat pictures?

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Ninja cat by japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki:

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i actually took this one

(Paul Buck) #24

In the spirit of music cats, here’s my old Orange cat sleeping in my bass drum when we were moving. She passed almost a year ago.



I miss the ugly indian guy.

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Find 45 examples of “cat montage” (aka “neko montaaju” in Japan) here:

One of them:

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Pallas Cat (aka Cat Manul) is a very expressive cat.

OK here on the picture it’s not very expressive.

But if you search the internet, you will see they are very expressive.


(TheBellows) #28

Here’s an actual cat trapped in a human body:

(sokoban) #29

Atchoum, the cat with a werewolf syndrome (and a tie, yes, also):


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Cats Tattooed by Kazuaki Horitomo

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Let me raise the bar a bit:

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Just curious what is up with this thread about cats?I have 3 of them.

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There’s mad updates already though. No need for our feline friends!

(Rian Diasporah) #35

It’s a long running inside joke on the forums. We post cat pics in Renoise speculation threads.