Cat pictures?

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I just want to see a bunch of cats.

Post your favorites since the speculation thread was locked. Which is pretty much a “shut up and don’t whine about an update” look I love Renoise … I truthfully don’t give a shit if it’s ever updated because legit it’s deep and I still find new stuff and haven’t even scratched the surface of the Redux “features” that are now embedded… I champion the software every day as much as possible to anyone who will hear me.

But something has to be said for my full purchase of Studio One a few years ago and Bitwig Studio this year… it seems as if my money is being diverted to other tools to refresh my inspiration.

Anyways… cats pictures please and why lock a thread that is giving us something to banter about? Regardless if it’s constructive or not we are still coming to the forums to banter.

Think about it like this. If updates become so sparse that the forums become dead and no one even banters anymore it would not be a good look. Renoise devs are notorious for being like the wizard of oz behind the curtains we all know this! So moving forward please don’t speculate about their personal lives and wierd creepy shit like that.

Do however post cat pictures.

(ffx) #2

You could clad as a cat, and then post images of yourself.

(GUEST:::El°HYM) #3

No prob, bro!

(Rian Diasporah) #4

Thanks … lol at dressing up as a cat!

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You wanted cat pictures?

I’ll just leave this here then… :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Image source:

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Did someone say post cat pictures?

(lettuce) #11


“Boppin’ on the door, with a slice of the gateau” - Double Puma

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I love that I was able to revive this wonderful thread :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :yeah: :yeah: :dribble:


I love that I was able to revive this wonderful thread :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :yeah: :yeah: :dribble:

Gee whiz, I sketched some bars of notes yesterday :unsure:

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From artist Kamwei Fong.

Other cute cat pictures of this artist here:

(joule) #17

I much more enjoy pix2pix. Machine learning used to “reverse engineer” cats from sketches of cats. I guess they trained it with some outline/sketch filter.


More examples:

(sokoban) #18

Japanese school buses:



(sokoban) #19

Some illustrations by Japanese artist Matataku:

(spongebob69) #20

Possibly the weirdest :wink: