Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms

just listening to this album when im doing my essays for uni and just love it, i think i listen to it much more than i do than with his other albums. does anyone else agree that this album is amazingly produced?

Amazingly produced = yes
Best snares album = no
Crunching practically the entire post into the topic = wtf?

was bored :( so thought i just post,

amazingly produced = yes.
not the best.

my fav is chocolate wheelchair and all the side projects, ep`s, blahblah.


I liked how he stands next to the Zebra. In fact, I like the Zebra a lot.

Cavalcade is also my fave album, apart from My Downfall.
Chocolate Wheelchair is fukkin popmusic compared to everything else…

But nuff sayd when I declare Venetian Snares my hero in contemporary music.

venetian snares is overrated man - sure he has some kind of ocd when it comes to programming drums but its quantity over quality imo,

i preferred hospitality to cavalcade pom poms

but shitf****ers is the best to play out…

i like when pop music sounds in wrong ways. and Aaron do this at his best ;)

Actually, I’ve rarely heard beat programming with as much detail and soul as Funk’s beats. I’ll admit he releases alot of stuff but I like at least 50%, which is a higher percentage than I can boast for other artists in the genre. And the stuff I don’t like, is still good quality, it just doesn’t tickle my ear bone the same way ;)

No, he’s not. He has kicked every ass I know.

Alot of people disagree with me with this, but Huge Chrome Cylinder… is my next fave.

Aside from that, this dude got me interested in renoise and into checking out more electronic music in general.

Because the Zebra told you to.

i thought it was a donkey painted black and white :blink:

“But nuff sayd when I declare Venetian Snares my hero in contemporary music.”


i also really luv rossz!! argh!

are we pigeons? :)



wow of warcraft!

I have no particular favo album, I love most of his stuff.
I remember I liked the Cavalcade of glee much! (ye i had a hardisk-format a while back)

I like the Rosen bridge song alot. It can make me really happy with the speed of light!
He really is a master in 7/8 breaks & tunes.

Just as jeaux, he made me get into renoise. He’s good publicity actually.

Pink + Green album is pretty good listened to it the other week love the song Nutmik uses the same synth as Donut it sounds like and Husikam Rave Dojo is funny “some people say the X get you f****ed up!,some people say the X make the sex better”


Hmmm… was expecting a singing chick introducing the bridge