Cc Device On Vst Effects

I have a VST effect with many knobs and sliders, and I would like to control a few using the Midi Learn + CC device.

I know I can control these sliders using the Automation tab, but then the automation tab shows all the controls, and its getting to be a very very long list.

The VST has a midi learn on the knobs, but I was unable to make the CC device work (I know how to operate it on a VST instrument, but not on the effect VST)

Any ideas?

sorry, this cannot be done on effects, you have to use the automation

I hope this is on the todo.
Seems like not such a huge leap to allow CC on effects.

The search feature in the automation parameter list can be of great help to narrow the list of parameters.
There is something in the ToDo regarding the automation that might serve you better in this matter.