Cd Ripping Software

what soft would you recommend for ripping audio CD-s into MP3-s?

CDex v1.51

Free, fast, multi-format and easy to use.
I use this one to convert from wav-mp3/ogg as well.

Exact Audio Copy is about the best ripper out there in my opinion.

i tried many - CDex too … but i still use Audiograbber (+Lame-Encoder-dll) and it’s also free

One more vote for Audiograbber :walkman:


One more vote for CDex1.51! :D

emacs! :D

Somebody ones said that emacs is almost as complex as an operating system, but I wouldn’t ever think it has gone so far…

nah, it did not. just kidding, the thread sounded like vi vs. emacs. i could not resist, sorry :)


Anyway, Vim rules!!! Emacs sucks!!!