CDP Tool Mac Error: Output file was not produced

Screen Shot 2022-12-29 at 9.13.55 PM

Any help would be appreciated. I am running Sierra 10.12 on Renoise 3.2.
I have tried going thru all the possible errors listed in the install pdf (using .wav files, checked that the hidden files for cdp and soundloom, deactivated gatekeeper) and… still… I get this error message. I also read that if you open an empty sample in the samples or instruments that could also help (a possible glitch) but I am still getting no results…

Any suggestions out there? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Start at the bottom of this thread and go back up till you find an answer :slight_smile:

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Is your file path to cdprogs set correctly?
If none of the process are returning a file, this is likely the issue. But yes, read that thread :slight_smile:

Hello zenphere! Thanks for the reply. Yes, the cdprogs path is in my environment variables.

I checked out your youtube video on CDP (great video! I subscribed), which is why I decided to try it out. Have spent a few hours just trying to get it to run properly.

I will give the thread a re-read to see if I missed something.

Keep making awesome videos! :slight_smile: !

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Will do :slight_smile:

It’s wwwooooorrrkkkiiinngggggg! Yes. Yes. Thanks so much for the replies of encouragement @Jonas @slujr

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Wooo! :boom::tada::confetti_ball::sparkler:
Enjoy the newfound POWER
Cdp is the bomb
So many good processes. Be patient with it, and methodical. Read the error messages. There will be many :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the kind words, as well. Planning to make a CDP part 2 video before long, showcasing some of my favorite processes.

I hear CDP 8 will see release before long. Hopefully it’s easy enough to integrate into renoise :crossed_fingers:


I will look out for that video for when it comes out. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the world. I truly appreciate it.

Installing CDP was worth the battle :slight_smile:

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