Cedega/wine Crash Found?

'lo all.

I wanted to make a tracking rig out of my laptop in preparation for BeatBattle5, but it’s only Linux…

Google says Renoise 1.5.0 works on Wine[1].
Google also says Renoise 1.8.0 doesn’t[2].

So I got curious.

Looks like Renoise 1.8 tries to use two functions that aren’t implemented in kernel32.dll:

These are the excerpts from the debugging log[3], which has several interesting lines.

err:fixup:PE_fixup_imports No implementation for KERNEL32.dll.663(Process32FirstW) imported from C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8.0\Renoise.exe, setting to 0xdeadbeef
err:fixup:PE_fixup_imports No implementation for KERNEL32.dll.665(Process32NextW) imported from C:\Program Files\Renoise 1.8.0\Renoise.exe, setting to 0xdeadbeef

warn:dosfs:DOSFS_FindUnixName ‘CrashLog.txt’ not found in ‘/home/cfx/.cedega/Dot TransGaming/c_drive/windows/Application Data/Renoise/V1.8.0’
warn:file:CreateFileA Unable to get full filename from ‘C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\Renoise\V1.8.0\CrashLog.txt’ (GLE 2)

err:seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException possibly COM stub exception at 0xdeadbeef wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger…

Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0xdeadbeef in 32-bit code (0xdeadbeef).

=>0 0xdeadbeef (KERNEL32.DLL.wine_get_unix_file_name+0x67a64beb) (ebp=00000080)

I don’t suppose development-savvy folks would be interested in getting Renoise working so I can use it on my laptop. ;)

I want to compose in a coffee shop or in the park!


[1] http://www.winehq.com/pipermail/wine-users…rch/020814.html
[2] http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersi…iTestingId=9604
[3] http://www.codef0x.org/bugs/renoise/renois…e-fullcrash.txt

I should note that I’ve tried Renoise with Wine using TransGaming Cedega Point2Play with Cedega Engine 6.0, 5.2.10, and 5.2.9 with the same result. Renoise using Cedega just plain crashes.

I also tried with WineHQ’s version of Wine, 0.9.30-0ubuntu2~edgy1. Running Renoise this way gets the Renoise splash screen and a dialog box complaining about not being able to load Cursor_Default.cur.

Can’t really get as much information out of the WineHQ one, except this suspicious line:
warn:cursor:CreateIconFromResourceEx invalid resource bitmap header.

Posted the WineHQ log at:


If we ever support Linux we will not support it via Wine, but put the effort into making a native linux port. Wine is a complex beast.

Hint: I cant promise anything as usual, but it looks a bit as if we are not far away from a native linux port.

Looking forward to it!!

OMG - I know, no promise, but I will gladly buy a couple of extra licenses just for the pure joy if this ever happens :)

i absolutely Love the sight of this!!!


I’ve been going back and forth on purchasing a license for over 8 months now, but a native linux port would seal the deal with no wait time. I’m really looking forward to it if the day ever comes, and if you need incentive to do it just think that those of us without windows are stuck with SoundTracker :( lol, seriously though, amazing product and definitely keep up the good work whether or not Renoise makes its way to my workstation.

wow…strange first post.

Wow taktik, that’s amazing! I didn’t really expect you guys to seriously consider a Linux port, let alone create one!

Really cool :)


Add me to the list of supporters for a linux port. I recently just installed Ubuntu because I’m just sick of windows being the target of malacious software, it’s lagginess, the need to reinstall it periodically (etc. etc. all stereotypes that are true about the OS) and I’d really love to get rid of the windows partition…my ReNoise license is one of the 2 reasons it’s still on my harddrive. Please…give me a reason to pull the trigger and escape…

For me, Renoise is the one and only reason I’m now back on my windows partition. If a Linux version of Renoise was to be released, I would be back with the penguin before you could type 0e01.

(wooohooo! first post)

Add me too. I’m just back from visiting my bro and some other friends/family, and they all have windows computers . And all of them are in a horrible state, because of the reasons you mention. For the time being there’s also troubles with vista (on several of the installs i’ve played with), and it certainly looks like it’s gonna be the same patch hell as xp and earlier version of windows was. Linux is now becoming a REALLY interesting option for “ordinary people” (as opposed to computer savvy), at least in the cases I’ve observed, cause a proper ubuntu install is certainly easier to use and much better suited for internet for “ordinary users” than any version of windows I’ve tried.

So please, if you could cough up a linux version you’d have another paying customer. Of course there would be controvers’ish that the program is not FLOSS, but if you could live with that, or even consider becoming a part of the “FLOSS thing” yourselves, it should be perfectly possible to produce a Linux version. There’s also much better binary-only Linux install systems now then ever before if you’d choose to go that way.

To me I’d consider doing the FLOSS thing. Renoise IS a program with lots of community appeal, and as one has seen with ardour lately, there are other financing methods then pay-per-binary coming through nowadays. OTOH renoise might not be as advanced as ardour, but then again maybe it might :) My guess is that ardour is making more money than renoise for the time being, and my speculation is that renoise could earn more money than it’s doing now as a financial backed FLOSS project. Of course I know nothing of Renoise’s financial state, but my point is that I think it could be possible, and that it would do both Renoise and it’s users very much good. We could then make music on the same partition as we do surfing and other stuff ;)

Renoise on linux would be cool, but with no vst(i) support??

Probably not. However, it should not be difficult to add support for Linux’s LADSPA plugin system, wich there are many interesting plugins for. Another option might be to do what EnergyXT is doing, AFAIK it’s possible to run VST’s (windows versions), in the Linux version of the program. EnergyXT is proprietary software runnable in Linux, like a Linux version of Renoise probably would be.

Wine is able to run most of the vsts I use when I run renoise 1.5 in wine. Perhaps a simple way to run a wine host for the vsts.



People are making Windows-VST on Linux not so difficult (as above)…

One thing Renoise should support directly is JACK in Linux, followed by ALSA. That’s sort of analogous to ASIO and DirectSound.


While perhaps not DIRECTLY relevant to this topic, I have had good success using Cedega on my Linux box to serve plugins to my Windows DAW using FX Teleport.

It works very well for the most part, though I haven’t tried with, say, my Native-Instruments stuff because I really don’t want to mess with validation…

Just found this today. If you guys do a linux port I’ll buy two licenses (in addition to the windows/osx license).


+1 for a native linux port!

This would be so awesome. I would buy an additional license for sure (yes - even if it wasn’t necessary) :D

any status on the progress of the linux port ? (what version is it planned for ? 2.0, 2.1 ? )

2.0 will surely have lots of changes or at least start them, so we cannot really guarantee anything. the port is already being taken seriously into account, however (read: it’s not simply a thought).