Ceephax - The Unstoppable Phax Machine

The new Ceephax EP is out now and the previews from it are mind blowing…

Just check that track if you didn’t already :


IMO Ceephax is really one of the best thing that’s happening to electronic music at the moment.

fuking bomb :)

squarepusher might be mighty proud and/or jealous

i doubt the two.


Maybe proud. Jealous? jajaja I dont believe it. Squarepusher is a very talented guy.

am i the only one that thinks this sounds like a beefed-up amiga chiptune from 1989 ?
its a nice tune really, but i fail to sense the special part (besides the geek-factor) apparently ;)

I actually don’t know the music you’re talking about and if you have some links to share just do it, I’m curious !

Anyway what I think is special in it is a combination of some elements that makes it kind of complex. It has a groove that makes it dancing as hell ; it cultivates the grotesque of that kind of cheap electronic sounds and in the same time it’s has an emo mood (the pads often set this background mood in his tracks). And it’s also very well produce both in terms of composition (the way the song flows) and mixing. It’s all made with simplicity and clarity and it hits the right point at every move (with an extra master sense of humour). That’s really the way I feel his best tunes and for these reasons he’s one of my favourite actual artists.

I love his United Acid Emirates album, a couple of the tracks sound like sega genesis with the feel of streets of rage 2 (my favorite genesis videogame soundtrack of all time) music.