Cells 2.0

Okay I’m not exactly sure if this question belongs here or in ‘help, bugs and support’ but im a beginner when it comes to cells(and a lot of other things pertaining to renoise heh) so i figure here is good. my problem is that when i load and play a sample/clip inside cells, it always plays back at the lowest note in the lowest octave. that means everytime ive been having to transpose the sample up to its correct pitch, which is a pain. id like it to just work! another thing that annoys me is that if close the cells window i cant open it back up or itll start a new session. please let me know if im doing something wrong and thanks in advance for the halp.


I’m the author of the Cells tool so hopefully I’ll be able to help :)

Cells! is designed for loop based performance in a similar vain to Ableton’s session view. It is not designed for playing melodies.

The designed workflow is that you preconfigure all your loops and samples with the pattern tools and then start Cells! to perform. Because it isn’t designed for chromatic use, it assumes all loop samples are allocated to a single key in the instrument window, this is so you can have multiple variations in the same instrument.

Hope this helps.

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