Cells! For Renoise Beta Test

been along time since i have been on these forums,busy making music.just wanted to say thanks for this,this is really freaking awesome

EDIT:btw has anyone with a launchpad tested if it works ?

mxb, you’re the über-scripter that cause an inferiority complex to your fellow lua scripters :)

or a great dose of inspiration

anyway, thanks for creating such kickass tools!

hope to see you join the renoise team some day

Is anyone actually using less than 8 tracks? I’d like to increase the minimum from 6 to 8.

Since I’ve added some optimisations, an 8 track minimum makes more sense and gives me much more room in the GUI.

Any comments on this?

Just do it!

8 tracks is fine, as long as cells can be below 3

8 tracks works for me.

I would love to see this tool reworked, and improved natively in a live-oriented 2.9 release. Just a dream for now, but who knows ?! Thanks for all the time spent mxb this one great tool, which could become completely crazy and replace Ableton Live in the future :) Lot of potential in there !


mxb, you are my new hero. Cells is extraordinary and easy to use. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH and keep on the good work!

This is really great.

One feature I would really need to have in order to use this live, however, would be the ability to use not just audio loops but also midi loops (for live modulation of instruments).

Is this possible?


Does this only trigger samples our also pattern columns like gridpie?

Cells! only triggers samples at the moment. I have some ideas regarding pattern triggering but this will not be implemented for a 1.0 release.

i havent tried this yet,does it work in 2,8 beta?

…don’t think so, I guess it makes sense to update big scripts like this one after the beta is finished. You don’t want to fix something when things can still be changed throughout beta period.

Correct. 0.9 works on Renoise 2.7.2 only.

However, version 1.0 will require 2.8 and will not be released until after 2.8 final (should things change as Jonas has pointed out).

sure that makes sense,im looking very much forward to it:)

Hey, this is really looking great! Haven’t yet had the chance to try it tho, but I’d like to suggest a piece of ‘software’ you should look into for “inspiration”.

It’s called Isotonik 8, and is a Max4Live device. It’s been under development for a good while now, and it seems to have gotten some really sexy features. It’s also the most downloaded device for Max4Live. Isotonik is for the APC40, but the developer has also made a version for the Launchpad. A version for the Novation Twitch is under development.

For more info and videos goto http://isotonikstudios.com/isotonik/

I’m really hoping Cells! can evolve into something like this.

Best regards!


Can you also record the performance created with cells?

You can’t record your actions afaik, but if you mean the audio, then you could put a recorder plugin on the master out.


maybe in combination with the auto-clone tool ( http://www.renoise.com/tools/auto-clone-patterns ), you can at least record in the note-events from your loops in the pattern editor?? Not sure though, you have to try it.

No, not at the moment. It is a planned future feature though.

Note that Cells 0.9 is discontinued as Cells! 2.0 is in beta.