Celsius Renoise tutorial part II

Hi all,

I just release the Renoise workflow tutorial part II.

I started over because I lost the xrns of the first one, but this one is more extensive and covers creating the main building blocks of a track. It is for intermediate users.

Thanx ! Good Tutorial !

btw it seems you still use a c64 ?

would be cool to see in a future tutorial how you use it with “renoise”


Yes actually I’m using it on some of the material of my upcoming album. There’s a really nifty expansion cartridge called MSSIAH with hardcoded synths you can use to midify the C64 and it even contains a mouse driver (to be used with an Amiga mouse, as they have the same connectors). Then all you have to do is route it through a standard audio in, into Renoise!
Check it out here http://www.8bitventures.com/mssiah/faq.php

Thanks for the vid.

Will the xrns file of the example tune be available for download ?

Yes I’ll add the dl link in the description tomorrow!

Rather annoying and unfortunate interference/noise from what I assume is your on-board microphone, but an otherwise excellent tutorial and fun look into your personal workflow. Cheers!


(Next time record with headphones on and the speakers off, so you wont get the crosstalk/echo’ing delay from the speakers feeding back into the mic. If you add a line-input device on a track in Renoise - setup your mic as recording channel, you could also add a gate that only lets through your voice and cancels out the background hiss, keyboard clicking.)

xrns added in the description and here : http://www.shapermusic.com/Workflow_II.zip

Sorry bout the static noise, its because of the grounding of my laptop or something. Really have to fix that, it was already an issue in part 1 ;)

www.shapermusic.com not found ? is this domain down ?

celsius like in “sensation” celsius ???