Certain Pattern Questions

Hey there,

I was wondering if its possible to expand a pattern just like in FT2, with one button. I can’t find this option so i’m not sure if it’s there. Can this be implemented??
Or, in another way, is it possible to zoom in on a pattern. Like in Cubase, it’s possible to have a wider view, so you can put a note on 1/4th of a line.

Problem is when i’d like to put a note between 2 lines, i have to expand the lines of the pattern, then double the speed, in order to have more space between the rhytmic lines. It’s quite a hassle.

Look in the “advancededit” tab for expand and other actions.

Zooming is planned for a later release, after we implement a
higher time resolution and get rid of the speed/ticks concept.

Thnxz Martinal,

This is a very good development. I can imagine hundreds of uses for this.