Cevin Key From Skinny Puppy Uses Renoise

I was completely astonished when they released The Greater Wrong of the Right, the first real album they released for 8 years. I wasn’t expecting much, I thought it would only be nostalgia and repetition of their old work, but I was surprised… instead it was a very good and new evolution of their sound and it all sounded extremely fresh and innovative! My favorite albums are still Vivisect VI and Too Dark Park, but The Greater Wrong of the Right isn’t far from there… Mythmaker isn’t as strong as The Greater Wrong, but it still a good album… in fact, if I shall be honest, I love all their album, and I surprised that they still can keep up such a quality both in studio and on scene.

I would have to say that the newer skinny puppy albums are good but I prefer their older stuff. Not to say that the new stuff isn’t well made, just simply I enjoy their older sound better. It’s a personal preference. Too Dark Park is definately my favorite.

Cool to spread Renoise.
Thanks to this post I listened to Skinny Puppy, but dont like it : ). Otto V Schirach seems more interesting to me, and of course Snares.

Another friend / cohort of Cevin Key is Cyrux Rex. Check out this guy’s awesome studio:


All that audio porn and he still uses Renoise for all his drum programming. Testimony to what an amazing app it is. Oh, more shots of these and other ‘famous’ renoise bum-chums here:


Cool, more of that set in the net. I want to hear something from “speed dealers moms”, John Frusciante! and Aaron Funk project.

Digging this thread up from the grave for 2 reasons

  1. Their recent tour with YC and FLA was great, and

  2. I wasn’t aware until recently, but cEvin released SP sample packs in the mid-90’s that are still available for download. Not just one hits, but quite a bit of loops. So you can do exactly what’s being discussed here and come up with something unique, I’ve found this raw material is quite malleable.



Skinny Puppy


Sweet :slight_smile: