Cevin Key From Skinny Puppy Uses Renoise

I’ve known this for a while, but I figured I’d wait to find an actual quote from the man himself before opening my mouth.

“I often make sounds and loops on the Elektron units, record these to my computer where I further rearrange them using the Renoise tracker.”


This is old news to me as well.


and apperently some interview here: http://nardwuar.com/radio that I haven’t seen/heard.

Your link is better. But I’ve seen this as well before. Hmmm.

edit: Interesting he uses Renoise as an arranger.

What’s wrong with that?

cEvin Key interview starts at 37:30

Specific interview is this one: http://serviette.ca/radio_show/2009/nw20090522.mp3


i think that happens a lot in this forum

i just don’t care anymore what someone is going to think of what i say but i know the minute i send my message someone is getting me totally wrong

He indeed says that more than half of the new Skinny Puppy album was sequenced in Renoise… near the end of that audio interview.

That explains why 90% of Skinny Puppy sucks…

Ok, I was just trolling, don’t take me seriously, ok?

I think it is fairly interesting to see how other musicians use their tools. If I was a plumber I’d like to know what other plumbers did to see if I could improve my craft. Even by a little.

Being curious is not a crime.

Thanks for the link Byte-, will check when I get home!

even if you were trolling… they may suck now but they did pretty good records in the past “Too Dark Park” and “Rabies” just to name 2 of them


If you think Skinny Puppy suck now, keep in mind it’s only because they now have all the tools they need to make music 100% the way they want to… so you obviously just don’t jive with their artistic vision. They’re not a sellout band by any means… they do what they do because they love to do it… period.

Renoise just happens to be one of those new tools.

Wait, didn’t I write that I was just trolling?

I already bought my ticket for their concert here in London in July.

It wasn’t particularly directed at you. I’ve heard lots of criticism regarding their new albums.

I think Mithmaker is a great album, different, but still great.
For some people it was too different I guess.

I actually prefer puppy’s new albums… as well as ohGr’s first two albums. They’ve got very distinct vibes that avoid the now-typical-in-the-industrial-scene EBM and “industrial rock” sounds without sticking to the non-distinct noisiness of their earlier works. In short: Complete redefinition of industrial music.

I haven’t listened much to them. But I suppose I should. I’ve never really liked industrial. But… I’ll give anything a decent chance to sway me :rolleyes:

Without actually knowing either of the two, I would still put money on Snares having been involved in cEvin Key’s decision.
(I read a couple years ago of some collaboration of sorts, didn’t hear the output)

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Actually, Otto Von Schirach collaborated on the last two Skinny Puppy albums… so it’s likely that he turned cEvin onto Renoise.

Does otto use renoise?

Yep… Otto and Mr Funk are good friends

Cool. I love Skinny Puppy. My all time favorites. Saw them live here in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and they are still going strong!