challenges of homepage admin

First of all, I want to encourage You all to create Your own homepages. It is going to be interesting journey.

This topic is mostly about when I encounter a problem, bug or need of development at my homepage.

And I know that I can search google but I just want to hear Your opinions because I mainly hangout here at Renoise forums when I am in interwebs. And I bet some of You have gone through same troubles.

I recently noticed that my homepage has duplicate content: http and https. And right now I wonder these questions:

1. What causes this, was it like this from the beginning of my homepage?

2. What is the most common basic solution for this?

3. Do i need to somehow reroute links pointing to http to go to https version?

4. Do you might in some situations need both?

I dont know how important this is now, when I have only text, player embeds and images on my pages but I have the feeling that if I later on add features to my homepage, I will need more security …

How are you hosting it? Yourself, with nginx/similar? Or some hosting service? If it’s a service they should have an option to force https, which I would recommend.

http and https typically (but not necessarily) serve the same content (i.e. literally the exact same files or database content) but differ in how they are sent out via the Web server. Typically they just use different Web server ports and the Web server then knows what to do based on that. (I say “typically” because Web servers can be configured in all sorts of ways for various reasons, but deviating from convention usually requires some special use case.)

https is encrypted, and is the preferred means for serving Web content.

This seems like a good enough overview of why:

As Veggies mentioned there should be a way to force all traffic sent to the http address over to the https address. Exactly how to do this will depend on your particular setup. If you are using a hosting service that provides some sort of site admin page it should be there.

Some hosting services will allow you to configure Web server settings directly, but if you don’t know what you’re doing that can cause headaches. I self-host and run several Web sites and try not to change settings too often because stuff breaks if I’m not careful : )

I ended up into this solution to force https traffic —> it looked generic enough …

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

I added that code into my .htaccess file : )

im on hosting btw

Automatic https routing seemed to too complicated to switch on by the host, so … hence solution <—

And it looks working, so I dont need to edit allthe old post with http links : D