Change Bpm And Keep Same Pace?

How can I convert a Renoise track to a higher BPM and keep the same pace of the song?

Like you have a song that’s 80 BPM. You want to take it up to 120 BPM while keeping the same speed as it had when it was 80. But that would be mean having to re-sequence the entire thing, or else the song would play too fast.

Is there an easy way to do this?

change LPB

Errr , keep it at 80 bpm …

BPM is speed. Are you talking about changing time signatures? Or are you talking about loops going out of time when you increase the BPM?

Well, the only least painful way to do this without resequencing is by cramming it up to 160bpm and then double the pattern-size for each pattern and then use the “Expand” option in the advanced edit on each pattern in the sequencer.
If you want to go from 80bpm to 120, you would need a function that would increase the pattern-size by 25% and then redivide the notes accordingly.
With the scripting feature comming up next, this is doable (and scripting can also do this song-wide instead of only pattern-wide), but for now you won’t be able to do it otherwise then my previous description.

Maybe I’m just not making myself clear.

I have a track at 80 BPM. The track plays at a speed I like, but the BPM is too slow to do any fast snare rolls or synth arps, because they sound too slow.

So I want the song to be at 120 BPM but with the same pace. Is there a way to do this without starting a new renoise project and re-sequencing the entire song with the new BPM? That’s what I’m asking.

EDIT: didn’t see the last post. I’ll give that a shot.

Or you could just change LPB

Yes double the LPB would work as well.
But redividing notes is unavoidable in any case.

BPM is speed, so saying you want to change the speed from 80 BPM to 120 BPM without changing speed, is confusing. What you mean is that you actually want to leave the speed at 80 BPM, and increase your LPB value.
So you are saying that 120 BPM and a LPB of 4 (I assume the default here) is what you want. Well, that would make a LBP setting of 6 with the speed of 80 BPM.

However, since you don’t want to resequence everything, it might be easier to just expand the song and double the LPB afterwards. This will give you even more detail for your snare rolls.

Hope that helps.


Well how do I automate BPM? (It’s some weird hex data that goes on the master track, but I don’t understand it). This way for the parts where I want snare rolls or fast synth arps, I could automate the BPM to be higher for those patterns, and then have the BPM automate back to 80 for the other patterns.

This way I would still have to re-sequence the notes to their 120 BPM equivalents, but it would only be for a few patterns instead of the entire track.


Could you perhaps upload an example pattern from your 80bpm song, or something like that? Give us an example of the snare roll you’re talking about, so that we can listen to it at 80bpm and then compare it to 120bpm, then we can get a better understanding of exactly what it is you’re trying to do.

I’m sure there’s been some kind of misunderstanding here, and that there’s a much simpler solution to all of this. Let us see how you’re actually working, then we can give some proper suggestions based on that, instead of all this guessing that may be completely useless.


There is an easier way to do snare rolls and fast arps which is line up snare notes on the same row and then use the delay columns to instantiate the note on a later time. If you need to cut notes using a note-off on the same line, add an Fx cut command in either panning or volume column where x is a tick (See lower song settings tab and then → Player options frame to see “ticks per line” option) positioned somewhere in between the line whereas tick 1 (F1) is around the beginning and if ticks per line is set to 12, then tick 0x0c (hex for 12 → FC) means the note cut will be initiated on the end part of the line.
That is the higher integrity you can get without messing up with the bpm, specially if you only want to do short snippets, it is better to manually craft the small note-snippet by yourself using these options than just simply changing the BPM value because by changing the bpm value, you have to change all the note positions in the whole pattern around your drum-roll which in turn means massive work.

These are the demo-songs in the “Help” menu and “Tutorial and Demo-songs” that can help you explain this phenomenom a bit better:
Delay Column (sublines) (specially take notice of the Guitar LPB1 pattern)
Retrigger and delay