Change drag and drop behavior for samples

Its currently not possible to drag and drop samples from file browser to an open VSTi. Its even not possible to drag them out of Renoise. Would be nice to have this.
I currently need to use the “Reveal file” function to get it selected in the Explorer, so i can drag them onto the VSTi.


Being able to drag and drop samples from the Disk Browser to a VST window is one of my most wanted features. (for plugins like Audio Damage Quanta and such)
This would really speed up the workflow since one is already able to preview samples in the Disk Browser.

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Not sure if this is what you meant but I think it would be awesome if you could drag and drop the samples loaded in renoise and/or instruments into VSTs.

This would be a useful feature, since a lot of plugins (like Quanta), don’t have a decent sample browser.

Perhaps the limitation is in the VSTi itself. In some part of it must indicate if the plugin accepts the loading of samples or not so that later Renoise can benefit.

I don’t have much of a clue about this. Have you seen this feature in another DAW?

Bitwig and FL support this. You can drag samples from browser onto vst instruments.

As far as i know, Renoise’s internal drag and drop is different. It seems it doesn’t use OS level drag and drop, because you cant even drop out samples from browser to desktop.

It’s not the plugin. I can drag and drop from the sample browser into Quanta in Reaper, but not in Renoise.

is this perhaps toolable? got a few plugs with this capability now would smooth things out a treat if renoise could play nice with them