Change Instrument Command In The Pattern Editor


Is it possible to quicky change the instrument number to a track/selection without re-drawing the instruemnt-number to all the notes?

If this is possible (with the advanced edit maybe?) can someone explain how to do it?

If not, this would be an useful feature to me.


Yes this can be done…

On the top-right you have the source and destination instrument and then a little lower to the left you have the Swap, Remap and Delete buttons.

Select the target instrument as the instrument you want to change (in the selected area) and the source instrument you want it to change to.
Then click “Remap” to have the instrument changed.

If you select “Swap” all instruments in the selected area that currently ARE the destination instrument will be changed to the source instrument.

“Delete” will only remove the notes that use the source instrument number.
So with this button you can remove a specific instrument from a selected range without affecting the other instruments in there.

Swap=exchange… right! I knew it was easy, thanks vvoois! :walkman:

And on the left(Select Section…), I can choose selection, track, pattern… nice!

You totally got the picture!
An award of Merit to thee…!