Change instrument for all patterns in a track

Often I’ll duplicate a track (incl. patterns), then change the instrument in the new track so I can quickly double one instrument with another complementary sound.

I right click to select Track>select, set the src. instrument and dest. instrument in the advanced pattern editor, and press swap.

When I do this, it only applies the change to the currently selected pattern, not the whole track (even though, again, the whole track is selected).

Is this a bug or do I have an incomplete understanding of what “selecting a track” means? Educate me please.

BTW doubling a track with a different instrument is a pretty common activity that could stand to be simpler in Renoise. Maybe a right click option to Track>swap instrument would be a nice addition to core Renoise? What do you think?

I use this

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Do not confuse the Matrix with the control area of the Advanced Pattern Editor Options. Steps:

  1. Ignore the Matrix.
  2. Go to the Advanced Pattern Editor Options panel.
  3. Inside the Advanced Pattern Editor Options panel, display the top frame and select “Track in Song”.
  4. Inside the Advanced Pattern Editor Options panel/Instruments frame, set src. and dest. instrument, and press swap.

You must understand how the selection area works within the Advanced Pattern Editor Options panel:


That’s interesting thanks – am I correct that this selection process doesn’t help me if I want to apply “humanize” or “quantize” to a pattern, track, etc?


You can also do it: selection area, parameters, type of modification and apply.

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Perfect, thank you!

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