Change Lpb, Keep Pattern?

I just realized that I need to change the resolution to 12 lpb if I want to add triplets to a song I already started at 4 lpb. right?

So is there a way to change the LPB but make renoise lock my current pattern into place?


use command F1xx. F10C will set LPB to 12 and BPM won’t change.

actually, your request isn’t very clear to me, so I am probably not getting what you mean

It’s also possible to make triplets using note delays if you’re only doing a few.

I think what speedo is saying is:

If he changes his LPB to 12 from 4, his song will speed up.

Therefore, I think you need to adjust the bpm, so in this case divide it by 3

triplets are possible using the note delay column… 55 and AA on the second and third lines of each beat when working at 4 LPB are eighth note triplets. someone correct me if this is bad math…

left to right…quarter notes in the left column, eighth note triplets in the second, quarter note triplets in the third