Change note bindings

Hi, just a few short suggestions. It would be nice to be able to change the notes keybinding, so it’s not always z, x, c and so on. I’m using my keyboard’s software to hack my own Ultra Efficient Keybinds, but it’s a bit complicated.

Also, I’d like to be able to control sliders and drop-down boxes and check boxes with with the keyboard. Or maybe there’s a way to do this already? I’ve been looking through the keybinds and I haven’t found any yet. Like, say I want to change sliders on a compressor. I can tab there and bypass it, move it around, but I can’t change the sliders with the keyboard. If I’m right and you can only use the mouse, this isn’t some awful tragedy to me. I just thought I would mention it since it was on my mind.

“Or maybe there’s a way to do this already”

Only if you automate in the automation pane.