Change Patterns Over Midi

Hi all , is possible in the renoise change pattern over midi ?
i need to play pattern and if i click on my controler i need to change pattern.
is it possible in the renoise ?

sorry, this is not possible, as of ReNoise 1.5.1

Maybe program changes should do this? Could be an option to either switch patterns or instruments.

I’ve thought about this a bit and run into some questions.

The current structure is basically a sequence of patterns that can be played from start to finish. It doesn’t lend itself easily to pattern switching.

Now, some have suggested preset loops, which is a nice idea but will take some time to implement because of changes to sequence structure and therefore file structure (but under xml it shouldn’t be too hard).

As a stop-gap measure, I set up a midi-applescript on osx (quite ugly) that changes the current pattern number. This means that, by hitting a button on my controller, the pattern changes instantly.

This brings up another question (sorry): should pattern changes be instant, or happen at the start/end of each pattern (like a drum machine)?

Now, IMHO the easiest and most backwards compatible is to borrow the design of my alesis hr-16 rum machine, i.e. have a pattern mode and a song mode.

In song mode, it would be like it is now.

In pattern mode, the sequencer disappears, and instead is a list of available patterns with a midi controller or event assignable to each one, so that the user can dial up a pattern from his controller. I suppose keyboard combinations should be implemented too for backwards compatibility.


I think that can be perfect tool for live act
If you make 5 patterns 1,2,3 - basic patterns 4 - gradations, 5 pattern without beats… .

You play patterns 123 controling parametters you click on the button on controler (PCHANGE) and switch to the 4. pattern. 3 Pattern play to the end and next pattern will be play 4.

Princip of changing patterns like a drum machine…

I think that can be strong tool for liveact. i dont now other sw machine that can be change patterns to this way…

Reason have REDRUM, there you can change “patterns” and you can mapp this switches…

But there is not advanced edit and it is REASON (SHIT)