Change sample via midi?

Anybody know how to cange sample/vsti via midi? If there were olnly up/down buttons in the sample view…

Hm. I use Renoise for live performance. It would be extremely nice to be able to switch vsti mid-song from my midi keyboard.

If you use the computer keyboard, you can switch instruments with the + and - in the numeric keyboard. You can do this with midi as well, just map it. Increase/ decrease current instrument.
Press Ctrl + M, and then select it from the drop down.

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  1. To navigate between the samples of the selected instrument, it is only possible using an LUA tool.
  2. To navigate between the presets of the selected VSTi, it is only possible using an LUA tool, only if the presets are compatible with Renoise. Most VSTi are not compatible with changing presets through Renoise and you will have to do it directly from the VSTi window.
  3. To navigate between instruments, you can map it directly in Renoise (MIDI Mapping window).

Perfect! Thanx!

This is already available through this tool:

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