Change the behaviour of the combination Bx and Sxx

If I want to trigger a sample backwards from a specific position, find the position from where I want it to start and trigger the sample with the B0 and Sxx commands, it starts playing from the opposite side of the center of the sample.

Let’s say I want to play a sample backwards, starting at position A0, then I would have to put B0 S60 instead of B0 SA0.

For even numbers this might seem like a small problem, since it’s just to count from position 80 (the center) to find the correct point.

But what if I want to start the sample from something not so even, let’s say sample offset 9A? Then I have to leave my creative flow for a while and start counting.

I suggest that A0 should always be A0, not depending if the sample is playing forward or backwards.

If this is too complicated, please at least add an extra ruler at the top, counting backwards.

5352 SampleOffset.png