Change The Name Of "beatbattle"(?)

So I understand that this competition series was a beatcentered one from the beginning. But since that’s not the case anymore I never understod why the name didn’t change?

I propose a namechange to just “The Official Renoise Competition”, because that’s what it is (neither more or less) - right? And the theme for each compo is different from each time, so the BeatBattle word is a bit misleading IMO.

I thought it would be wise to start a new topic considering all this. :)

it’s meanwhile irritating and inappropriate.
so absolutely agreed.

more or less reasonable titles i could imagine:
“Renoise Song Contest”
“Renoise Music Contest”
“Renoise XRNS-Fest”
“Renoise Tournament X” (x=year)
“Renoise Free-For-All”

The competition has actually never been very beat oriented ;) just take a look at the winning tune in the first compo for example (a very nice and melodic tune by parsec)… so the name has always been a bit misplaced ;)

Btw, has the catastrophic voting scheme changed since the bb2 compo? I haven’t been very involved in the beatbattles since that compo…

even though i took part in bb2 i don’t remember how that scheme was looking like and how it was handled.
and i cannot remember it to be a catastrophy either.
this year’s voting scheme was pretty comfy imo - you just had to place your vote ranging from 0%-100% and had of course the chance to place comments / write reviews.
the more entries you rated and reviewed, the higher your influence ratio went upwards, which was a welcome countermeasure to “one-song” voters / friends / whatever.

Hmm, and what about indians were called americans and America was called Kolumbusia. :w00t:

Let it beat****** Chris :lol:

It surely was ;) Only participants of the competition could vote, but they didn’t had to vote, so participants that didn’t vote at all was favored and the winning song had just an average rating of about 4 out of 10. You can read all about it here:…ost&p=11347

Sounds like a much better scheme than it was back in bb2 where non-voters was favored ;) I kind of lost interest in the beatbattles after bb2, ok I do not care so much about winning, but a competition is always a competition, and if the voting scheme in a competition doesn’t work, it isn’t much of a compo any longer ;)

yeah, now i remember all that fuzz after the compo.
and i still wonder how you can say, that my track only got an average rating of about 4 out of 10? how do you know that? dividing the score (132pts) by the amount of entries (31) ?

  1. you mentioned yourself that probably not everybody voted, so you actually have to divide the score my an unknown amount which is in any case smaller than 31, which then will of course raise the presumed average score.
  2. it doesn’t even matter if everyone voted or not - fact is, that the respective amount of people that actually did vote, gave their most points to rank#1 and their least points to rank#31 (or in this case rank#24, due to combined places). the only thing that counts is, that every tune has definately been voted by the same amount of people and therefore the voting is pretty valid, right?

the only doubt you have had that i can comprehend is the circumstance that not everybody was forced to vote in order to qualify.
the only thing i can assure you is that i did do my voting for sure back then.

i think will be better allow to use some vst for example.
sponsors can create some lite or limited vst version and we should use it. if you dont want use vst use sample.
because really i like vst.
and about some think infuence its dont needed i think song should be rated only

At that compo you could give everything from 0 to 10 points on every song, you could give 10 points to every song if you did like to, if you didn’t voted at all you gave them all 0 point, you couldn’t vote for your own track so if you did of some reason want to favor yourself it was just to skip voting ;) and yes, if you presume that everybody in the compo voted (even by skip voting) you get an average score of about 4 points per participant for the winning track, and an average of 3.5 for all the tracks.

There you are wrong, the thing is that you could not vote for yourself, which means that everybody that really did vote got one less vote on his or her contribution than the people who didn’t vote. ;) The other pitfall in the voting scheme was that one participant could give a total of 310 point while another could just give 31 point which means if you did vote very low you also favored yourself ;)

Keith, this is definitly nothing personal agaist you, and I do not say that you didn’t deserve to win or something like that, I just say that the voting scheme for that compo sucked, and I’m pretty sure that the result would have been, maybe not totally different, but at least a bit different if the voting scheme for that compo would have been more fair. Anyway, that is history now, and it is very good that that voting scheme is changed by now… ;)

+1 to that Chris!

dont get me wrong twilek, i am not trying to defend my ranking (would be pretty silly after all those years), i am rather trying to comprehend your assumptions and way of thinking. just an ordinary discussion, even though i think we are talking at cross-purposes most of the time.

one thing i tried to clarify is that it is meaningless to divide the final scores by the number of participants, because, as we both agree, it is obvious that not everybody voted in this compo - so those average scores of 4 and 3.5 are irrelevant and insignificant.

besides that it is also clear that refraining from voting at all will favour your own track - that’s something which cannot be circumvented even in todays competitions with enhanced “anti-cheat-mechanisms”, such as bb5 and soundevotion competition.

in bb5 you didn’t have to vote as well in order to qualify - you could even vote for yourself and you were encouraged to do that with a 100% rating - all in order to relativate those self-voters, which would’ve tried to do it secretly.
furthermore, if you really think everybody is a bad person ;), you could presume that it’s all “not correct” again, because you had the possibility to rate those tracks which you personally feared most with 0% and give those that you think are bad anyways with a higher ranking.
this would also distort the truth and won’t reflect the truth.

what i am trying to say is, that in all these competitions where the contestants are enabled to vote, there is always a way to cheat and to some extent, you just have to have faith into the honesty of your rivals - if you fail to have this faith, you will probably always think that everything is faked or distorted for the sake of someone’s individual advantage.

sorry for hi-jacking your thread with this rather off-topic talk.
i usually also hate it when it happens, but sometimes … it just happens ;)

Apology accepted. :lol:
But you actually did an ONtopic answer so you don’t really owe me an apology. :)
It’s amazing how many replies that are offtopic right now, and from five posters (Hamik, DJ Belkin, twilek, Bantai and Keith303) - on the first page. :lol:

BeatBattle is the renoise contest… I suppose that other names will reduce its magic atmosphere that joiners and organizators created in these years (I’m romantic, i know :rolleyes: ). Moreover there so many blablabla contest/compo/tournament/competition that sounds so generic…

Guys, guys! Many names may don’t make sense: Why is a young girl called a PUSSYCAT?! But if you consider the names from another point of view they still hold some definitions…

This year we participated in the 5th BeatBattle. This name has become a legend for renoisers and now owns some credit, at least for us, although its meaning is not very appropriate for this compo. Why ruin this name? Is it the name that is important or the things that happen in the compo? This compo has been started with this name, either wrong or right, let’s not ruin its originality. If we want to give more credit to this compo there are several aspects to discuss and improve.

you moved me… pls vote for him! :yeah:

In the other thread Bantai advocate things to get more users, for instance by removing the steretyped computer-music for the sake of Renoise. In the same way maybe the word BeatBattle scares away potential new users and connect the contest (and since it’s an Official contest also Renoise) with beatcentered-music. So while I’m also a very nostalgic person, maybe more future-visions could be the best alternative for the sake of Renoise. Just a thought.


yeh, Renoise for the Wii should be great! swinging my Wiimote and nunchuck while banging beats though my speakers :)

But to get on-topic: I understand that the name ‘beatbattle’ may be a bit misleading.
but it’s become one of the institutes of Renoise (as I feel it)
we all know what it’s about, and the confusion would be taken away easy by using a strong subtitle.
Beatbattle 6, da doe rum rum da doe rum rum.
(ore something else that doesn’t make it look like a rum drinking contest)

I’m very against compos because I’ve had a lot of bad experience with them in the past, both winning and loosing. However, given the encouraging nature of this community I feel I can come close to making an exception under certain provision.

Perhaps make is more like a public art contest? You can have the main rating system that ultimately represents the most popular track. But you additionally have sub-competitions or sub-votes. So something like a ‘panel choice award’, ‘best n00b award’, ‘outside the square award’, ‘ninja tracker grandmaster award’, and so on. I’d feel more incentive to participate under those conditions given that I write music that’s not crowd pleasing.

Many people who did put sincere effort into having a go now feel very disappointed they did even get into the top ten, let alone winning. This can be a demoralising and stressful experience, even for some of the more experienced among us. Hence why I saved myself the headache.

The only confusion there would be are among already established members, are those who still think BeatBattle is about beat-centric music. What else is there to be confused of?

And as for the “BeatBattle is already ONE with Renoise”; please read my previous post.

Excellent title. The name indicates a larger focus on the tracking technique.

But my message with this thread was to make the name as less complicated as possible.
Like: “The Official Renoise Compo #6 - Theme: XXX”