Change the "title" of show_custom_dialog() with button


A question… show_custom_dialog ( title , content , key_handler )

Is it possible to change the title text with a button and your notifier(the button is inside the tool)?The title is the leftmost name of the top toolbar.

The button and your notifier:

vb:button {

id = “title_button”

notifier = function() change_title_tool() end


The title is a text.I would like to build a status bar, but taking advantage of the top bar.I have already built a lower status bar that works well for any button or other element. But I’m trying to compact my tool to the max.

The title may be represented thus: ’ ‘…tool_name…’ - ‘…tool_status…’ ’ ,content , key_handler )

tool_status = a function with return always a text

The thing is that it obeys any button or element… Executes any function and that it changes the state (tool_status).

This is possible?


It’s not possible to change the title of an open dialogue.

It’s not possible to change the title of an open dialogue.

Ok, thanks!The top bar ends up being a dead line, which only serves to move the window with the mouse, showing only the title and close button. It would be great if we had access to it so you can add more buttons, for example.

I would gladly put a couple of buttons together with the close button.Make the most of the top bar…