Change Up The Init Patch

I would like to save presets as “Init” for devices (or whatever lets me load a custom device preset from start)
for me it would kick ass in the workflow to have Delays jump in with ‘send’ at -INF, #Send devices with Amount on -INF and “Keep Source” selected… that kind of stuff.
Should I just script it?

edit; to make this point more viable i’ll sum up the most important devices where I would like this custom ‘init’ patch…

  • Send: Amount -INF and Keep Source
  • Distortion: Wet Mix -INF Dry Mix 0dB
  • Repeater: Hold off
  • Delay: Send -INF
  • LofiMat: Wet Mix -INF Dry Mix 0dB

I think somebody tried but only came out with a slightly flawed Tool. IIRC it would give the user-Init state on any Copy or Move of a device, as well as loading in a new one.

It may be possible to do a check for current Preset name (if not Init do nothing) but I don’t know if a device which has had its controls played with shows up as having the same Preset name to the API as one that has just been loaded. May be worth looking at and I suspect you may find a few thankful people if you do though.

Can’t you set the sliders/values to what you want for each vst/dsp device and save this as a ‘template song’ in the Song Settings tab? Or maybe I don’t get what you want?

Do you always have exactly the same DSP chains in your tracks in every song you make? Some how I doubt it! ;)

Init state is set on loading (initialising) the device. Often people may want as neutral a sound as possible for this. But there may be simple things, like you nearly always use 24dB Butterworth for Filters so change our Init patch to have that, or nearly always use the Scream Filter for a certain sound.

Sure loading from saved DSP Chains would be one workaround but I can also see the advantage of being able to set what the Default patch on DSP load is.

No you probably not getting it, let me try to explain my wicked weird ways. When I insert a DSP device (let’s keep eyes focused on the native dsps for now), I do that of course because I want to change the sound. But! I like to do so, gradually. From Dry, to Wet, not the other way around. I once made a ‘Insert Inactively’ tool that allowed you to put a send device in the end of a chain without directly routing everything to send track #1 at 0dB…

I just notice that, with about 90% of the times I use the native Distortion device (which is effin awesome btw), I end up with the Dry amount set at 0dB and the Wet at about -20 or something.