Change value LPB... via CC?

Hello everyone,

I have done under a simple tool that changes some cc values ​​with a slider to a kontakt instrument
I can change using the value 7 the volume, with the 64 the sustain. ok all right.
This is my question:

How can I change the LPB value in Renoise app ?
It can be done via CC command, or what other way can. Thank you very much !!

ZLxx effect command, usually on the master track, where xx is LPB in hexadecimal

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Thanks, but I need to know what is the value to use using an external tool, like midi keyboard for example.

Not sure if can be done, tbh. It’s a shortcoming. Hope I’m wrong!

It’s available for control through MIDI Mapping.

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Well, look at that! So it is!

That’s great news for tempo automation as well

As i understand If I assing to LPB using midi maping for example value “40”, every time I send cc command controler 40, the value LPB will change ?

Done, it was very easy. But I think its a bit tedious to have to load the preset everytime I want to have my personal mapped value.
So I have a question…
Would be easy to build a tiny tool in script lua, which read the preset ?

Imagine this image… Just a tiny square with a big button, on click on it will read the preset saved.

I somebody its reading this … And can build this tiny tool, I would be very happy. True and lot of thanksssss !

Such a nutty I am!

The value its for BPM, NOT lpb

So the value to change its for B P M

MIDI mappings are saved along with your song

Thanks Achenar, but it needs to load a song, but with a simply tool you can have in a snap the preset in an instant, or quit it, and not neccesary to load a song.
Its usefull to save too in the song the mapped used anyway

command M opens midi mapping… pretty quick and easy, imo

save your midi mappings in the template song, that way it is remembered every time you start a new song.

Allows you to map it to a midi controller.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion to use the M U C tool, the truth is that all the tools that Ulneiz makes are fantastic, I tell you from experience because it helped me understand and build a tool to shoot phrases a long time ago.
But in this case and for my needs, MUC program is very big for me, so imagine that I just need a simple button to load a midi mapping preset, just that.

This is how could be the tool, On click button charge the preset named “BPM. xrnm”


And this is the content of the preset, as you can see I use value 7 to change bpm values, but can be another, due 7 its used to volume…

File xml
Thank you for your suggestion!

Does anybody want to build this tiny tool ???

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