Changeable Track Colours

Can you consider implementing Colour [COL] pop-up button menu next to PLAY [in top of each Track] where 6 predefined colour combinations will appear and you will be able to chose one of them for each track or none?

It will help better managing if song have many tracks. See my quick-mosk-up example:

What do you think? This way users who don`t want their music track look like “christmass tree” to leave this colour option to OFF and those who want to add colours [for faster work] will be able to chose one of 6 [or more] colour combinations?



This could be [I think] easy to implement, as it would be just background colour changeable [with lines], while track datas could still remain the same [colourful] as now. Different colours of the background could help us work faster as tracks could be easier to find [instead reading its names with small fonts for now].

+2 :)