[Changed] 64Bit Linux Is Not Only For Amd64

the download page says that the 64bit Linux version is for AMD processors only, but it does works perfectly on x86_64 architectures too

Yay, thats confusing, but that’s how its called in the Linux world…

I don’t see that much “AMD64” labels anymore: look for example on the website of the most used distros: Fedora, Ubuntu and Mint all just tell about “64 bit version”

I could run Ubuntu since 7.04 or 7.10 as a 64-bit platform on my Intel…
I think it is safe enough to just generic mention 64-bit.

the list on wikpedia is not updated. check the distro sites by yourself and see

Made that hopefully a bit clearer now:

Linux - Renoise 2.6 Demo - x86 32bit (i686 - Intel/AMD 32bit Linux Systems) [26 MB]
Linux - Renoise 2.6 Demo - x86 64bit (amd64 - Intel/AMD 64bit Linux Systems) [26 MB]