[changed b3] Import midi places the notes in random places?

When I import a midi ( what’s an awesome feature btw!!) it will be placed at a random pattern and track in my song?

Should not be random, but the right most (track) and bottom most (pattern) unused position in the song. So when all tracks and patterns are used it’s appended to the existing song. When the song is completely empty, it will replace the “empty” song.

This way you can have the old MIDI import behavior of replacing the entire song, by just loading it onto an empty song.

This ain’t working. When I’ve imported a midi into my template containing of 18 patterns, it will create just create random patterns:

Could you share this template song with us so we can test this in detail?

sure. here it is: templateroppokt2015.xrns

That’s a bit of an edge case, but I see why this is confusing. Will make the above described behavior more clear by either replacing the entire empty song (to get the old import behavior - replace) or create new tracks and patterns (new behavior - append).

topic says [changed] but it isn’t?

Yes, that did change for beta3. It should no longer place the MIDI content “nearly at the end” of your template but append it: insert new tracks and patterns at the end.

Mmmmm… How about import midi file in vsti drum plugs and midiplugs? Add to new instrument after import midi add more work Because after import I need to reconnect instrument I’m not sure for correctly. Maybe add variants Import midi to select instruments and Chanele? And if midi file have many parts in song just add this parts for next instruments in browser.