Changes To Advanced Edit Selection

This is something I’ve thought about a few times and the discussion in the stickied Arranger thread bring this to light when comparing it to the Buzz way of working. Currently if you want to copy and past into multiple tracks it can be quite a laborious task. I have an idea that may help with this. To do this I suggest a revision to the edit selection in the Advanced Edit area of Renoise.

Currently you can select one of a discrete number of options:

  • Selection in Pattern
  • Track in Pattern
  • Column In Pattern
  • Column in Song
  • Track in Pattern
  • Track in Song
  • Whole Pattern
  • Whole Song

I suggest breaking this into a combination selection.


  • Selection
  • Track
  • Column
  • Pattern


  • Current pattern
  • Whole Song
  • Selection of Patterns

Now this last one is where things start to get useful and break away from current abilities. For it to really work you will also need to add the ability to select non-adjacent patterns. Currently both Shift and Ctrl + Click in the Sequence Editor (Pattern List) highlight all between first selected and last clicked. This is how Shift + Click should work, Ctrl + Click should select each pattern clicked on without loosing selection of the other (such as most operating systems seem to now operate.)

With this if you wanted to change the break in the last one of one in every four patterns for a large section of your song it would be easy. Or transpose every other pattern down 5 semitones. I really do think this would help a lot with more advanced editing and save a lot of people a lot of time.




Glad at least a couple of people seem to see the advantage with this. Something I’ve though about a few times when reading other threads but generally been a bit busy to write it all out in a thread at the time then forget later. Think I managed to remember all the points needed for any combination…

I also suggested something similar in the past. +1

aye to that! +1