Changing BPM of pre-sliced breaks

Hi, basically I think I might be missing something really simple that would speed my workflow up a bit…

I’ve been using the awesome “200 Breakbeats Instruments” xrni pack by Ripley that’s floating about, and I think the way I am adapting the breaks to fit the BPM of my track might be a bit convoluted…

Basically my workflow is:

  1. load the xrni break instrument onto a track
  2. select thew first slice in the Samples panel and hit beatsync, then hit “t” to get the transpose/finetune values
  3. selecting all of the other slices and copying the transpose/finetune values over from the first slice to get them all to the same pitch.

Is there a quicker way of doing this? It seems a bit roundabout and I thought there might be something I’m missing! Now I’ve written it down it doesn’t seem like such a long process but I just thought I’d check!

Thanks in advance!