Changing BPM with mouse, cursor hits top of screen

When changing the BPM by dragging it with mouse, the mouse cursor hits the top of the screen and stops so you have to do it multiple times if you want to drag BPM up more than ~10 beats, this is with Renoise 3.4.1-3.4.2 at least, but in Renoise 3.3.2 it works the way it’s supposed (imo) to work, so when you drag it, the mouse cursor disappears and you can drag it as far up as you wish

Can’t reproduce on Linux, 3.4.2, works as intended. Hmmm…

The “Mouse warping” option should avoid this. Is it turned it off for you?

That’s it, thanks! Has the default value been changed? I don’t think I’ve ever touched it

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i have the same problem and this is not a acceptable solution for this case, because mouse warping is needed to disable for some tools for instance the Simple Pianoroll Tool! The value in input field should change no matter the mousepointer reaches the top screen.
This is bad gui behaviour and bad ergonomic. In a numerical input field like the bpm field, the mouse cursor in all has not to move, if you are are in value change mode!!! the mouse cursor should stay on his position and only the value should change. Just my opinion.

happy tracking :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s exactly what the “Mouse Warping” option does.

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