Changing global UI scaling may misplace some existing elements in the GUI

R3.3.2 W10/W11
Go to: Renoise: Edit/Preferences/GUI/Global: "User interface scaling"

If you change the scaling, some elements do not finish positioning themselves in place.
For example:

  1. You will see inconsistencies in the “Preferences” panel, which is a floating window. Some GUI objects do not fit properly.
  2. You will see that the Renoise top menu (File, Edit, View …) does not correctly adjust the horizontal spacing between the texts.
  3. You will see strange mismatches between objects in somewhat more complex GUI window tools.

Interestingly, if you have the option Reload All Tools enabled in the tools menu, you can partially solve the problem. That is to say:

  1. You change the scaling of the GUI (some graphic objects do not fit well).
  2. You click on “Reload All Tools” and some problems are solved, like the horizontal spacing in the Renoise menu or the correct distribution of the objects in the complex window tools.

This makes me think that changing Renoise’s GUI scaling doesn’t end the whole process. One step is missing to correctly resolve the exact location of all graphic elements.

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This is indeed a known problem, but in IMHO most use cases not really a showstopper: The UI scaling doesn’t change frequently but usually is only set up once - or when the hardware changes. So as long as the layout doesn’t get really really broken or things are crashing I think this is not really a big issue.

It is not a big problem, but it can be annoying.
What I don’t understand is why when pressing “Reload All Tools” some problems disappears. Isn’t it possible to readjust this by changing the scaling so everything is in place directly?

Maybe for me it is more annoying because I usually use window tools. But why doesn’t Renoise’s main menu text snap into place initially?

Anyway, if you want to do something really amazing, let the window tools have their own GUI scaling. This is probably a headache, but it would be great for tool makers…

Another diferent strange problem (GUI Problem):

R3.3.2 W10/W11
The Scripting Terminal & Editor window does not appear to appear correctly after a PC suspend.

For example, to detect this:

  1. Place the Renoise window on an image monitor 1.
  2. Place the Scripting Terminal & Editor window on another image monitor 2.
  3. Suspend your PC.
  4. Turn your PC back on.

You will see both windows appear. The Renoise window reacts correctly with the click of the mouse, but the Scripting Terminal & Editor window appears visually but you cannot click on it (if you click on it the tapping will work below it, on windows desktop or whatever is underneath, “the pointer goes through window”).

In order for the Scriping window to work again, you must minimize Renoise’s main window and maximize it again.

I know that these problems are secondary, unimportant. I just want to point out that they are annoying. The user would not expect this behavior and blah blah blah …