Changing Instrument Settings With Midi

Hi All,

I got an MPK Mini for Christmas, which is a great fun cause I’ve never had a midi controller to play with before and it should make it a lot easier to compose :)

Obviously there’s loads of different ways to map things and set it up and I’m having fun just experimenting atm but there’s one thing that’s bugging me a bit.

When you auto-map the controller using the midi map button you cannot assign controls to things like the instrument settings e.g. LFOs. I would have thought this would be one of the main things people would want to control?? Is there another way to do this? With MIDI cc messages or the Instrument Midi controller device? I can’t really work out how this device works so any help would be great :)


Nope. Sure somebody did say they were working on a Tool to add the MIDI Map bindings though…

Oh OK, thanks. Oh well, I’ll keep an eye out for a tool.

Sample instrument properties cannot be automated (yet?).

Yeah apparently :( My bad. I thought cause you could automate and map VST effects you might be able to do with instruments but yeah you can’t. Sorry I should RTFM.

well, if the plugin has midi learn. You just have to set your controller as masterkeyboard and select your instrument or assign it directly with the instrument settings.

however,if not, you can set the parameters you want to control with the instument automation device. after this you can map any parameter to the vsti you want to your akai.

I think Dr Drips is right and I originally misunderstood your use of Instrument Settings.

You mean you want to control parameters of an instrument plugin, eg a VSTi??

If so then you do it the same way as you Automate them. By using the Instrument Automation Device and then MIDI Map you knobs to its controls.

Ah yes! This is what I meant. Cheers guys…! Sorry if my meaning was unclear originally

I’d love to be able to automate filter and resonance instrument settings. Is this really not possible? I’ve been fiddling with the Instrument Automation tool, but I don’t know how to relate the Linked Plugin parameter with the instrument envelope parameters. It seems to want me to type in the name of a parameter to search for after I select an instrument, but it never actually finds anything. Suggestions?

Edit: Oh wait…its the Instrument MIDI control tool I think I’m looking for…looks promising

Not for the native instrument structure in 2.8. In 3.0 you can link macro-dials to them and these can be automated with a Macro control device.

If this is pure for controlling vsti parameters, try this tool if you need a specific parameter that is not really clear to find:

Thanks! Yeh, for the moment I was asking to control native instruments (sample instruments actually) Cutoff and Resonance parameters. I guess until I jump over to 3.0, I’ll have to draw the automation in for this. It’ll be good practice typing in track-dsp commands.

Also, thanks for the ref to GetPluginParams. That was one of the first plugs I downloaded when I registered RN! I knew from experience with other DAWs that this tool was likely to be useful to have around.